Mapping Services

Using drones for mapping can be very useful for a variety of different reasons. The “maps” created by the process are actually large, smart pictures that contain elevation, distance, and location data; and they can be presented in different formats for viewing. The low flight altitude provides an incredible amount of resolution, so even small details can be seen. Distance, volume, and area measurements can easily be taken from the “maps”; and elevation data can be viewed and measured as well. The applications for this technology are far reaching, because it provides current data that is easily accessible and affordable.

digital elevation.jpg

Digital Elevation Model

Digital elevation models give a quick look at elevation data through color coding. This can be useful to get an overview of the relative elevations associated with the site. High spots, low spots, drainage/erosion issues, and the general grade can quickly and easily be observed when using these models

3d model.jpg

3-D Mapping

3-D models can be a great visual compliment to traditional contour data, and they give the ability to revisit the site to see things that contours, pictures, and faded memories can’t. Equipment, materials, painted markings, and more are documented and available in a 3-D model even when they no longer exist on the site.