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Monitor progress from the sky

How we can help you

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Track progress

Use aerial photos, videos, and maps to effectively monitor and track the progress of your projects. With real time distance, area, and other calculations, it’s never been easier to provide project stakeholders with visual evidence of your project’s progress.


earthworks management

With daily or weekly flights, site project teams benefit from an on-demand visual history of the latest earthworks activity. This enables them to know how much dirt has been moved, to calculate cut-and-fill volumes to track progress, and to keep their customers informed.


Digital elevation model

Digital elevation models give a quick look at elevation data through color coding. This can be useful to get an overview of the relative elevations associated with the site. High spots, low spots, drainage/erosion issues, and the general grade can quickly and easily be observed when using these models


3-d model

3-D models can be a great visual compliment to traditional contour data, and they give the ability to revisit the site to see things that contours, pictures, and faded memories can’t. Equipment, materials, painted markings, and more are documented and available in a 3-D model even when they no longer exist on the site.