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commercial real estate


Traditional photography can be limited in its ability to capture the information a prospective tenant or buyer needs prior to leasing or purchasing a property. Who is the anchor tenant? How accessible is parking? Did the city or town recently add a new stoplight? Aerial views provided by drones can intricately detail many of the factors that can determine the success of the business customer.


Residential real estate


Prospective home-buyers form judgments on homes and realtors based on what they see on the web. Drone photography and videography can help you demonstrate your capability while promoting a listing and highlighting its best features in a captivating fashion.





Tracking projects and their progression has never been easier. See how your projects are advancing from the sky with professional aerial drone photography and videography. Use the images to monitor certain aspects of a project, for mapping out locations, or as promotional or marketing materials.

thermal inspection.jpg



Drone Thermal Imaging is a great preventative maintenance tool. It can detect weak spots in structures, anomalies in components, overloaded electrical components, and many more. Prevention can help save millions of dollars for companies before equipment or structures fail.

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Work-site updates


Have eyes on your project at all times. With our work-site update plans, you can get weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly photos and videos of your newest project.

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3-d mapping


Get map orthomosaics and real-time project updates. Take measurements from aerial photographs and convert images of land masses into maps, 3D models, or drawings. We also have the ability to overlay your CAD drawings to make sure your project is on track.